03 Jan 2018
January 3, 2018

Best Humidifiers in India

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During the cold weather do you suffer from dry, chapped lips? Dry skin? Sore throats? Suffering from asthma or allergies? Problem with static electricity? These are all signs that you may need more moisture in your home or office. This can be handled effectively using a humidifier. But what is the best humidifier? With so.. read more →

As how much you need the humidifier, that is also how much you should care for it. Like any electrical appliances it needs to be cleaned and maintained. Here are the basic steps to help you: Cool Mist humidifier Firstly refer to cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure it is compatible with steps.. read more →

24 Feb 2016
February 24, 2016

Safety Tips For Your Humidifier

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Here are some safety tips in using a humidifier: 1. Follow instructions given in the manual for assembling and handling. If there is filter, consult the manual for further instructions. 2. Always ensure that your hands are dry when installing and handling the power unit. Keep the power outlet away from any form of liquid.. read more →

Cool Mist A cool mist humidifier break water into tiny droplets without heating and it sprays into the air as cool mist. Pros: It is much easy to clean It is effective for large areas As it sprays cool mist, it is good for warmer climate Cool mist makes it easier to breathe and does.. read more →